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No Rules Riders is an organization for ALL motorcycle riders.
No Rules Riders is for free minded people who like to ride.
No Rules Riders is not a Motorcycle Club.
The names of the chapters by no means are meant to infringe upon established Motorcycle Clubs.


NO RULES RIDERS is NOT a Motorcycle Club.

It is a group of people who like to ride for the freedom of riding.

The mission of No Rules Riders is to have a motorcycle riding group that people can be part of without dealing with the politics and infrastructure of traditional riding groups or clubs. To have a group of riders that will ride free wherever and whenever they may choose. No Rules Riders will be respectful of those who are respectful to them. No Rules Riders will never be part of any rule dominated organization. This group is not for the timid or weak and not for the bad ass or somebody with something to prove. It is for people who want to ride free.

No Rules Riders will provide an opportunity for like-minded riders to co-exist within the riding community without the structure of rules, meetings, hierarchy, or dues. There are no officers or rank of any kind. There are no Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretary or other given authority. Chapters exist solely on the idea that individuals have the right to ride and assemble. No Rules Riders chapters claim no territory.

Through the No Rules Riders website you will be able to connect with people in your area who like to ride, and with other No Rules Riders around the world. Through the website, members will be able to join or create a chapter in their area. This will enable you and others to socialize locally and to meet up with other No Rules Riders from around the world at bike rallies and events in other cities, states, and countries.

Remember there are NO RULES, so you can be a part of No Rules Riders by simply saying that YOU are a NO RULES RIDER.

To become a member click on Create A Profile here or on the top right side of this website. To start a new chapter click on Start A New Chapter here or on the button in the middle of the page, by the chapter search buttons.

Standards of No Rules Riders

This should help to further explain No Rules Riders´┐Ż place in the motorcycle world and who we are.

No Rules Riders is an independent riding club.
No Rules Riders does not claim any territory.
No Rules Riders does not have any alliances.
We Are Neutral.
If you don´┐Żt like freedom, you won´┐Żt like us.

No Rules Riders will play a positive role in the motorcycle world. No Rules Riders and its members will be respectful of all clubs in their area. Under NO circumstance will No Rules Riders be a support club to any Motorcycle Club. Any chapter that misrepresents No Rules Riders by displaying other clubs paraphernalia will be removed from No Rules Riders.

No Rules Riders is composed of strong minded, independent people who like to ride with freedom. There is no probationary period, no prospect periods, just riders. We, No Rules Riders, welcome other riders who are of the same mind set to join our group and help No Rules Riders grow.

No Rules Riders does not condone illegal activity within its membership. We are, for the most part, law abiding people. The work of people in No Rules Riders has earned us the Presidential Award for Community Service. We are truly a melting pot of riders. We come from all walks of life and from all over the world. We have preachers and swingers, public safety (police, fire and military), future and ex-convicts, young and old, rich and poor. Some of our members have been in MC´┐Żs in the past and some even in the 1% world, but now have chosen No Rules Riders as their way of life.

The members who choose to show their pride in No Rules Riders by wearing t-shirts or the back patch must remember that they are representing all of No Rules Riders worldwide, thus their actions will be held accountable by all other No Rules Riders members. Members must realize that when wearing the No Rules Riders back patch other clubs will hold you to a higher standard too. (In other words, don´┐Żt be an ass when you are wearing the NRR back patch because you make us all look bad)

It is up to all No Rules Riders members to hold all other No Rules Riders to these standards.

Yes, we are our brother´┐Żs keeper. We are No Rules Riders!

The Structure of the No Rules Riders Website

No Rules Riders is made up of many different chapters. Any member can start a new chapter at anytime. Naming of chapters must be done with respect to established riding groups. This is not a rule, this is respect. All chapter names are reviewed by the No Rules Riders Advisors.

"Chapter Creator" is the person who creates a chapter. They are responsible for all actions of their chapter. The Chapter Creator has the ability to change all aspects of their chapter, excluding renaming their chapter. This will be done only by the founder. The Chapter Creator also has the ability to edit or delete any postings of its chapter's members and receives email notices of any members' postings. They also have the ability to email all members in their chapter, regardless of the individual members' email settings. The Chapter Creator can establish a Chapter Administrator to help with these responsibilities. All Chapter Creators must have a listed active email for contact reasons.

"Chapter Administrators" are persons who help the Chapter Creator with the responsibilities of the chapter. These Chapter Administrators also have the ability to edit or delete any postings of members.

"Chapter Members" are individuals who belong to a specific chapter. Any Chapter Member can post events, photos, and send email in their chapter. At any time they can edit their own posting by clicking on the pencil.

ALL who belong to No Rules Riders are ´┐ŻNo Rules Riders Members´┐Ż, to become a member click on create profile.

Back Patches

Guideline for wearing the No Rules Riders back patch.

No Rules Riders is a riding club with a single piece back patch. This single piece back patch is worn with a RC patch to show that we (NRR) are a riding club and not a motorcycle club. At no time shall other patches be added to the No Rules Riders back patch to have it resemble a multi- piece patch, i.e. rockers. Some riders have numerous small patches spread out along ones vest on the front and back. There is no problem with this. Patches with chapter names must not be worn on the back of the vest or jacket. If a chapter wishes to have chapter patches, this is fine, but they must be worn on the front side of a vest or jacket.

Any member while wearing a No Rules Riders back patch that also wears a ´┐Żsupport´┐Ż patch, pins or other, will be removed from No Rules Riders. (when not wearing the No Rules Riders back patch, this would not apply) The reasoning behind this is that doing such would cause problems for others No Rules Riders members in other states and counties. With all this being said, there is the importance of getting along with the local Motorcycle Clubs. If one chooses, go to their parties, ride in their charity events and have a good time. Wear your No Rules Riders back patch and be proud.

The reason No Rules Riders must follow these guidelines is that we (NRR) set ourselves aside from the multi- piece patch wearing riders. This is what makes us who we are. If one wish to have a multi- piece patch there are many groups to join that wear these. No Rules Riders is not one of them.

It is up to all No Rules Riders to hold the other No Rules Riders to these guidelines.

Instrumental People of No Rules Riders

"No Rules Riders Advisors" are members from around the world who are willing to help with any issues. Although these dedicated members may have some different beliefs about small issues within No Rules Riders, they all have the same core belief of the freedom of No Rules Riders and its direction. This is a diverse group of riders who have different contacts within the motorcycle community. Feel free to contact these Advisors about any questions in your area. The NRR Advisors may or may not have past, present or future relations with different clubs, 1%, 99% or other. We (NRR) welcome advisors who have a full understanding of No Rules Riders, and who have contacts in the motorcycle world. They will work to resolve any issues that may arise between NRR and other clubs.

"No Rules Riders Founder" is the person who, in 1999, conceived the idea of a riding group free of rules.

"Webmaster" is the person who helps maintain this website. Without the Webmaster, No Rules Riders would not be where it is today.

The Fine Print

The structure of No Rules Riders is designed with the idea of freedom without chaos.

All material related to this site and the use of No Rules Riders materials is trademarked and copyrighted under the laws of the United States of America. Any requests for usage should be directly addressed to the founder.

Copyright ´┐Ż No Rules Riders 2003 - 2024. All rights reserved.